How will i see my results?

From the principal page of tellmeGen and without having to register, you can see each one of the items about which we provide information. If you click on susceptibility to illness, you will see a brief summary of the illness and a complete guide of prevention for it.

These prevention guides have been drawn up and are continuously updated by our medical team using the latest clinical guides of procedures.

While waiting for your Health Map, if you log into the client area, you will be able to see an example of the type of report you will receive when your Map is completed.

After tellmeGen has finished your report, you will have the complete report online in your client account. TellmeGen will notify you when it is ready.

In order to access our service you first need to have an Internet connection to request your map and see it online.

Additionally, your registration must specify the age, sex, race and location of the person whose DNA is sampled for the Health Map since those are the parameters that tellmeGen introduces in the calculation together with the genotype to give you your personalized information.