How much does a DNA test cost?

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Many people wonder how much a DNA test cost and, it is normal, since it is a very new and innovative service. Let’s begin by reviewing a bit as the price of genetic analysis has been falling exponentially.

The human genome project cost 2,700 million to the American taxpayer. Obama, in the Nation’s Speech, said that every dollar invested in that project has multiplied by 140.

dna price and how much it is

How much does a DNA test cost today?

Now it is possible to sequence the entire genome for about € 1000 and it is expected to continue to fall between 2020 and 2025 to €100 so that everyone has access to this information.


What impact does this have on the genetic testing cost?

As that price has been decreasing genetic tests, large-scale studies have been conducted in multiple populations and subpopulations throughout the world looking for greater evidence. Thus achieving statistically significant results for different mutations.

As more studies, more useful information has arrived doctors, and more apply to the usual clinical practice.

As still those 1000 € is not an affordable price for the population, there are broad-spectrum genotyping chips, where between half a million and several million SNPs or simple nucleotide polymorphisms are studied, making the price much cheaper up to less than € 100/sample .

But this is just the basic price of the machine itself. Then all the interpretation, storage, distribution, etc … is necessary …


Business models and price of genetic testing kits

There are different business models:

1) Laboratories of conventional genetic analysis: It is paid for each gene studied. Taking each time a biological sample from the patient, either blood or saliva. So they are used for diagnosis of diseases.

2) E-commerce model: Proposed by Helix de Illumina. Illumina, the largest sequencer company in the world, subsidizes the exome or genome sequencing at a price below the market price, and then the user pays for the interpretation of each item. For example, if you want to know mutations related to nutrigenetics or monogenic diseases, pay each time. So you end up paying a high amount if you want to know several interpretations.

3) Ancestry Test: Between €79 and €99. Proposed by companies such as Ancestry and MyHeritage. In them, it is possible to find the ancestors and know the different populations and subpopulations to which they belong. Without medical utility, you can find relatives within your database.

4) Platform model + data sale: Proposed by 23andMe. It is a platform that stores genetic information and interprets it. The user / patient only takes the sample once, and the analysis is only done once. It is adding new information very gradually. Its model is based on obtaining information from the users themselves through surveys to make new discoveries or new molecular targets. It is said that for each genotype made, sell the information about 200 times, always with the consent of the patient / user.

5) Model platform + genetic advice: Proposed by tellmeGen. It is a platform where genetic information is stored, interpreted and updated at no additional cost. The user / patient only takes the sample once, and the analysis is only done once. The raw genetic data are stored and as new mutations are described, new information is provided. This information is always accompanied by a medical team that helps in the interpretation.

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How much does a DNA test from TellmeGen cost?

The price of the genetic test of tellmeGen is between € 200 and € 400 depending on the country and the distributor. At tellmeGen, our goal is for everyone to have access to their genetic information from anywhere in the world with a device connected to the internet to share it with their trusted professional.

We have developed a platform, which stores, interprets and updates genetic information.

We work very hard to democratize genetics, so that people can access the genotype of their exome for about € 300 on average depending on the country.

We received hundreds of samples from more than 20 countries and have conducted thousands of genetic analyzes around the world.