Oral and cardiovascular health

Autor: comunicación tellmeGen

Currently it is well known that oral diseases are closely related to cardiovascular diseases.

People with poor oral health have a higher risk of suffering cardiovascular disease, and may increase the risk up to 25-50%.

In the case of periodontitis, inflammation of the gum and the supporting tissues of the teeth is a risk factor for developing cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, its correct diagnosis and treatment by the dentist, significantly reduces the associated cardiovascular risk.

So much so that, the dentist’s office can become an ideal place to promote cardiovascular health, surrounded by a warm and trusting environment.

The periodic monitoring by your specialist can favor the early detection of people at risk of developing an unknown cardiovascular disease so far (diabetes, high blood pressure …). Together with the promotion of healthy living habits, it has a powerful effect on the health of people, and for all this, the work of the dentist is essential to prevent and detect oral manifestations that improve the quality of life of patients.

Your dentist will provide you with the best tools and recommend the best prevention techniques. Currently we have thanks to an important collaboration contract with tellmeGen, one of the 10 best genetic kits internationally, which through a simple sample of saliva, allows us to know the individual predisposition to different general diseases, autoimmune and with manifestations in the oral cavity (periodontitis, hypertension, inflammatory diseases, oral cancers, diabetes …).

Advancing towards Precision Medicine is the most important constant currently in the field of medicine, taking on a vital importance when it comes to improving and optimizing and individualizing pharmacological treatments, in order to achieve excellence.