TellmeGen’s Latest Victory!

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TellmeGen began with an aim to allow people easy access to genetic information. TellmeGen is a genetic test that helps you not only in the prevention of over 125 diseases, but slow down their development as well.

The TellmeGen test gives you the knowledge about the most medicines that suit you the most and the ones which aren’t. You get to know your own unique features and can know whether you have a tendency to baldness, obesity or gaining muscle along with your tolerance to alcohol.

Second Best DNA Testing Kit to Buy in 2018: Tellmegen (#1 Health)

The coming years in the medical field see genetics as a major revolution for the prevention of diseases. And looks like TellmeGen has achieved that. Recently, TellmeGen ranked 2nd amongst VeryWell’s The 8 Best DNA Testing Kits to Buy in 2018. This is quite a victory as VeryWell Health is an award-winning online platform. VeryWell Health needs no introduction. It is one of the most reliable and up-to-date health information on medical topics and helps over 16 million people each month in becoming healthier. It is also a partner of The Cleveland Clinic which happens to be the second-best hospitals in the U.S.

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How does TellmeGen work?

The process is really simple. A genetic test is conducted through a simple sample of your saliva. After you send the initial sample, you will receive a detailed Health Map with comprehensive information on all of your relevant medical information.

TellmeGen is undoubtedly, the complete personal genetic service one can use. It allows genetic screening around more than 125 diseases and insights into how you get or will get affected because of certain medications.

The reason TellmeGen ranks 2nd amongst VeryWell’s top 8 is that it is the only test that gets you an in-depth analysis of your health. Also, the test automatically updates as new discoveries and advanced are made without any cost. You can consult their expert team in the genetic, medical, and the nutritional forum. They guide you every step of the way and assist you in interpreting the acquired data.

Another reason is that TellmeGen is completely safe, secure, and reliable. You can rest assured that the data is 100% secure. It is certified by the official authorities so you can have faith that your data is completely secure.

What does the TellmeGen DNA test offers?

Risk of Most Important Diseases:

With this test, you access a Health Map that tells about the probability of you getting a large range of the known diseases compared with the average risk of individuals of the same age, race, and gender in a particular geographic area. These diseases span from oncology to gynecology and ophthalmology so on and so forth.

Pharmacologic Compatibility:

Everyone is aware of the fact that pharmacogenetics is from where personalized medicines start. Our DNA tells everything about us. It reveals that each of us is a different individual and therefore, our organisms process the medicines and drugs differently.

The TellmeGen helps you in understanding the reaction of your body to a certain drug and why it reacts the way it does. Your Health Map, thanks to TellmeGen, acts as a guide that provides massive help to your doctor while he prescribes the best drugs to you in the most appropriate dosage for you for all of your ailments.

Diagnosis of Inherited Monogenic Disorders:

A mutation or alteration in the DNA of a single gene causes a type of inherited disorder and these disorders are called monogenic diseases. If you carry a monogenetic disorder, then you discover the various implications that disorder can have on your health or on your descendants. You can also find out if you or your partner carries any monogenic disorder and when you understand your respective Health Map, you can determine how it will affect your descendants.

Individual Traits:

The test helps you in discovering your individual traits too! Such as your tendency to go bald, your alcohol tolerance levels, your likeliness of getting fat. You can give your child a test to find out the basic traits such as to know about their height, hair type, eye colour etc.

Anyone who wishes to take a proactive approach to their health can use this powerful tool. The reports are detailed and correctly identify both known an unknown issues.

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