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What is genetic counseling?

Genetic counseling consists of informing, educating and giving support to a person or family that suffer from genetic diseases or are in risk of suffering them. During the genetic counseling, the doctor explains to the person or family the involved risks, providing diagnostic and of predisposition and proposing means of action. It also provides insight as to risks for future generations and gives advice on possible treatment.

How does tellmeGen offer genetic counseling?

For us it is extremely important that you feel accompanied during the whole process by a qualified medical professional. Therefore, on top of the continuous improvements to platform in the means of data updates and graphic and interactive material, we also offer a free medical forum and 1 to 1 consultations with specialized doctors. The medical forum is free with the purchase of your tellmeGen kit. It is a forum directed to the whole tellmeGen community, both medical professional as to all users with their own Healthmaps. You will be able to consult, ask questions, share experiences or concerns so that other users are able to clarify the information and also so that others can share their opinion and impressions after obtaining their results. 1 to 1 consultations have a small fee of 25€. This service consists of having a private session with one of our doctors to solve your more personal questions. We will clarify any question you might have regarding your results and we will give you guidance as to how to follow the different preventive measures. We will advise you which medication is the best for you and we will give you guidance on family planning, to measure reproductive risk. In essence, we want to be by your side on the perfect comprehension of your results so that your Healtmap becomes an essential tool for the improvement of your health.

Who can benefit from a genetic test and from genetic counseling?

Any person who has knowledge of cancer diagnosis in their family should visit a primary health care doctor to obtain a first assessment. If the doctor considers that there is data that suggest an hereditary disorder, he should forward the patient to a genetic counseling unit for further evaluation. The Healthmap can also be useful for those seeking more information regarding their genetic composition as well as for those wanting to know their predisposition to develop complex or polygenic diseases. If you want to know if your medication or drug is appropriate or if you want to know if you carry any monogenic (hereditary) disease in order to prevent passing it on to your descendants, you can also benefit from the information provided in tellmeGen´s Healthmap.