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These results, do it change over time?

Genetic information is invariable; it remains unaltered from the time of birth. De novo (spontaneous) mutations could occur but this is highly unlikely.

Your Health Map only updates based on your age since the incidence of illnesses changes with age. Your Health Map automatically adjusts modifying your risk and other results as you get older.

However, any new SNPs discovered after you have already obtained your results cannot be updated in your current Health Map; you would need to redo your analysis to gain information relating to the newly discovered SNPS. As the discoveries happen and these items are included in our system, we will inform those clients with older chips when we think they should repeat the testing process. The retesting process will not have the same cost as the initial test and will be offered at a much lower price. (However we wish to point out that the time frame for considering that a retesting necessary is quite long).

Our wish is to put new discoveries in genetics, backed by the scientific community, within your reach. Given the rigorous means that we take to include SNPs, it is improbable that any one of them be refuted.

It is important to highlight that it is our intention to continue adding those SNPs with a better incidence of data, allelic frequencies, etc. to offer you the most up-to-date and precise Health Map possible.


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Utilisez nos coupons de réduction

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