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Cannabis-induced psychosis

Numerous studies have shown the relationship existing between drug use and abuse and the presence of mental health problems. Nonetheless, it is difficult to determine the specific roles of drugs and psychotic problems.

Cannabis, or marihuana, is one of the illegal drugs most widely used, and in the past years, its use has been considered as a risk factor for the development of schizophrenic – psychotic alterations, precipitating its onset in genetically predisposed patients and exacerbating its course. It is also associated with a lesser treatment response and a greater percentage of relapses (new appearance of psychotic events).

The psychosis related to cannabis use is known as “”cannabis-induced psychotic disorder”” and in agreement with the latest research, it should be considered as new entity with its own characteristics, different from cannabis intoxication. Its frequency is low (1-2% among cannabis users) but this forms of psychosis could be the first step to the development of a schizophrenic condition if the subjects continues cannabis use.


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