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Macular degeneration, age-related

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a degenerative disorder of the retina. It appears in older persons and it causes damage to the macula, a small spot near the center of the retina. The macula is the part of the eye needed for sharp, central vision, the region responsible for capturing the forms and details of fundamental tasks like watching television, recognizing objects, reading or distinguishing a face.

Occasionally, and because of age-related factors or tobacco, regulation process loses it efficiency and harmful substances accumulate on the retina, slowly deteriorating the cells of the macula. This process alters the macular function and the patient perceives a progressive vision loss.

In the developed countries, it is the principal cause of “”legal”” blindness in persons over 55 years of age. World-wide, there are around 25-30 million persons affected by AMD, a number which will increase considerably in the next 25 years because of the aging of the population.


  • CFH
  • CFH
  • ARMS2
  • TLR3
  • SCARB1
  • C2
  • 10q11.23