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"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress.
Working together is success" Henry Ford.

Dr. Ramón Catalá


Degree in Medicine and Surgery
Specialist in orthopedic surgery and traumatology

Dra. Yolanda Mañes


Degree in Medicine and Surgery

Raúl Jurado

Senior Java Software Engineer

Computer Engineer

Rafa Gómez


Computer Engineer

Jose Antonio Marín


Miguel Company

Backend Team Leader

Computer Engineer

Leandro Beneito

Senior Java Software Engineer

Computer Engineer

Víctor Ballester

Design Manager

Technical Engineer in Industrial Design
Master in Multimedia Applications

Ignacio Cantos

Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy

Master in SEO
Master in Supply Chain Management & Technology

Alejandro Castel

Director of Business Development and BI

Degree in Communication Services and Technologies
Master in Parallel and Distributed Computing

Dr. Jesús Catalá

Medical Department Manager

Degree in Medicine and Surgery
Specialist in general and digestive surgery

Dra. Ana Romero Pelechano

Director of the Genetics and Research Department

Doctor in Biology

Dra. Raquel Montalbán

Geneticist Department of Genetics and Research

Doctor in Biology

Dra. Silvia Tamborero Capilla

Geneticist Department of Genetics and Research

Doctor in Biochemistry

Dr. Luís Álvarez

Geneticist Department of Genetics and Research

Doctor in Genetic Anthropology

Victoria Vidal

Customer Service and Administration

Degree in Biochemistry
Master in Biotechnology

Lucía Daruiz Tuda

Customer Service and Administration

Communication and Audiovisual Content

Ana Morales

Customer Service and Administration

Degree in Art History

Mahmoud El Masri

Middle East Director

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the Lebanese University

Pedro Martínez

tellmeGen sales department

Degree in Pharmacy

Francisco López

tellmeGen sales department

Bachelor of Laws

Carlos Alcázar

tellmeGen sales department

Degree in Business Administration and Management

Géraldine Vermue

Commercial Delegate in Holland

Bachelor's Degree in Economics


The experience of a team of expert professionals in various specialized fields of medicine.

Dr. Julio Cortijo Gimeno

Catedrático del departamento de Farmacología en la facultad de Medicina y Odontología de la Universitat de València.

Dr. Ricardo Guijarro

Jefe de servicio Unidad Cirugía Torácica Hospital General de Valencia
Profesor departamento cirugía Universidad de Valencia

Oscar Pastor López

Catedrático y director del Centro de Investigación en Métodos de Producción de Software de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Manuel Perez Alonso

Catedrático de genética de la Universidad de Valencia.

Claudio Samaia

Licenciado en administración y dirección de empresas por la FAAP University in Sao Paulo
Antiguo presidente de FARMASA y miembro del consejo de administración de Hypermarcas en Brasil. Grandes corporaciones farmacéuticas de territorio Latinoamericano.

Patricio Abad H.M.D.,P.D.

Neurologo – Epileptologo, postgrado UNAM MEXICO y post-doctorado UCLA USA
Jefe Servicio Neurología Hospital Metropolitano de Quito.
Profesor Neurologia PUCE.
Presidente LACTRIMS (Comité Latino Americano para el estudio de la Esclerosis Múltiple).
Miembro re-electo de la CLAA-ILAE. (Liga Internacional para la Epilepsia)

Prof. Dr. Hans-Juergen Thiesen

Director of the Institute of Immunology
University Medical Center Rostock


Offer the maximum genetic information, up-to-date and accessible to everyone so that it can become a useful implement in disease prevention.

Convey utmost confidence to our clients through results based on the maximum scientific evidence, respecting above all their privacy.

Be an innovative and adaptable company, backed by the latest scientific advances, and committed to personalized medicine in all its different ambits.


To be a global company, an international reference in the field of genetics, personalized medicine and disease prevention.

To bring the great potential of genetics to both medical communities and non-medical people, healthy or ill, so that their genetic information be a source of knowledge and power.

To promote the study of genetics and personalized medicine, always within the most strict ethical and deontological code.


INNOVATION: We are a company on the cutting edge of technology, medicine and genetics constantly evolving and investing in I+D, with a firm belief that our products can bring about a better future. LEADERSHIP: Our company team is committed, professional and upstanding.

CONFIDENCE: All of our products and services are of the highest quality and dependability. PRIVACY: Over all, we respect the privacy of our clients and the personal nature of their data. To this end we comply with the existing laws and with strict protocols for security and data encryption.

HEALTH: We devote our efforts to promoting wellbeing and personal medicine because we firmly believe that tomorrow’s health begins with the information we share today. PERSONS: Our relationship with our customers and suppliers is based on trust and respect.


To our valued customers /users/ colleagues: I would like to briefly tell you what the philosophy of tellmeGen is and what our ideals are. TellmeGen was born with a clear objective: that any person should have access easily and economically to his/her up-to-date genetic information. At tellmeGen we believe that genetics is and will be a major revolution in the coming years and that it will become an unequaled tool in illness prevention, growing alongside of the health of any person. We are dedicated to our work, carrying out continuous updating of the studies involved so that we can always provide the greatest possible amount of information. In addition, we accept the challenge of making our calculations, of adjusting them to the ten thousandth degree because we believe that this data is extremely valuable to each one of us. For this reason we promise to continue working to improve and grow hand in hand with technology and current knowledge. TellmeGen was born with the definite idea of helping others and given that it is governed by medical professionals, our deontological code is firm and not subject to external influences. We sincerely believe that we can contribute to research and specifically to an improvement in health with our Health Map. It is our wish to promote genetic research as well as personalized medicine integrating the medical component on our website from the beginning. We do not want to be just a simple production site for genetic tests; we aspire to go further and to offer each person the answers to questions and doubts and to create a link of confidence between doctors and our users. We promise to surprise you every day and continue at the vanguard of Personalized Medicine and Genetics.

Yours sincerely, Dr. Ramón Catalá Llosá CEO tellmeGen.

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