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Would you like to know more about your genetic family history? tellmeGen makes it possible with the DNA Connect service! Find relatives around the world with whom you share DNA and connect with them.

A social network... Based on genetics!

With the new DNA Connect service from tellmeGen, in addition to finding genetic relatives, you can also contact them or allow them to contact you. From the closest to the most distant genetic family, you will be surprised by the increasing number of DNA relatives you have around the world.

Discover valuable information about your family and identify your most recent common ancestors.

How do we search for your genetic family?

With the main objective of helping to create new connections between relatives around the world, DNA Connect works by following these three steps:


We compare the 750,000 genetic markers we study with the DNA of all our users and detect identical DNA fragments between all pairs of individuals in our database.


We measure the length of each identical DNA fragment found between two users. More distant matches imply shorter lengths while closer matches imply longer lengths.


We evaluate the length of all these shared DNA fragments with the aim of converting them into a kinship relationship.

Which relationships do we analyze?

The relationships we analyze in DNA Connect and the probability of finding the relationships for each of them are as follows:

Father - son




Grandfather - grandson


Uncle - nephew


Great-grandfather - great-grandson




Second uncle - second nephew 1


Second cousin


Third uncle - third nephew 2


Third cousin


Fourth uncle - fourth nephew 3


Fourth cousin


Distant cousin 4

1 Son of a first cousin
2 Son of a second cousin
3 Son of a third cousin
4 Fifth to eighth cousin

The DNA test that makes the difference


DNA Connect works in a very simple and intuitive way. Access your ever-growing list of genetic relatives and people with whom you share DNA and choose who to connect with through the messaging service.


tellmeGen works every day to provide the most truthful information possible. To avoid offering false matches, we use stricter thresholds than those used by other companies, which allows us to be more reliable in the search for distant relatives.

Free of charge

DNA Connect is a free of charge service within the tellmeGen genetic test. By purchasing your tellmeGen DNA test, you also have access to up to 400 characteristics about you and valuable information about your ancestral origins.


DNA Connect is a 100% secure and private service. At tellmeGen we use the most advanced security protocols and the latest technology in computer encryption, as well as physical and technical measures to maximize security in accordance with current legislation.

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