Pharmacological compatibility**

How can tellmeGen help me with my pharmacogenetic report?

Pharmacogenetics is one of the foundations of personalized medicine. Our DNA contains information about our entire metabolism, including the metabolism of drugs that enter the body. It is a specialty that emerged from the combination of pharmacology and genetics.
With tellmeGen, you will understand your compatibility with different medications, meaning why your body reacts in a certain way to various drugs, turning the results of your DNA test into an invaluable guide that will allow your doctor to prescribe the best pharmacological treatment with the most appropriate doses for you.
This will enable you to reduce recovery time and increase the safety of each treatment, minimizing the likelihood of unwanted adverse reactions. However, we strongly advise against making decisions based on the test results without first consulting with the relevant doctor or specialist.
Several clinical studies have shown that undergoing a pharmacogenetic test is extremely important to determine which drug and dosage should be administered to each patient.

Which ranges include pharmacogenetic reports?

These reports are exclusively included in the Advanced DNA kits.
With this service you will also have access to your DNA test results related to your genetic vulnerability to health conditions, hereditary conditions, personal traits, wellness data, ancestry DNA test and the possibility to access the DNA Connect service.

I would like to know more about the pharmacology report:

Here you can see a demo example of the results in the section. Upon access, you will see the list of drugs we analyze. If you wish to view the technical report for each one, simply click on its name.

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