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DNA traits test. What information does tellmeGen provide me?

If there's one thing that can be said with certainty, it's that every person is unique. And each person has unique DNA. The result then is that every person has unique genetic personality traits. With tellmeGen's DNA test, you can discover many of these genetic personality traits that make you different from the rest.
Your body and personality are influenced by both your genes and the environment around you. Often, environmental factors influence you precisely because they regulate how your genome is expressed. As studies in these fields progress, we understand to what extent we are conditioned to specific traits without even knowing it.
With tellmeGen's genetic traits test, you will discover many of your characteristics that have been determined by your genes from birth. From those obvious details like eye or hair color, to your internal features like blood type or sex hormones.
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Which ranges include genetic personality traits reports?

These reports are included in both the ADN Starter and Advanced kits.
If you purchase the Starter genetic analysis, you will also discover information about your ancestry, a large amount of data related to your wellness and the possibility of accessing the DNA Connect service.
On the other hand, if you opt for the Advanced genetic analysis, you will also have access to your genetic vulnerability to health conditions, hereditary conditions, compatibility with dozens of medications and the possibility of accessing the DNA Connect service.

I would like to know more about genetic personality traits:

Here you can see a demo example of the results in the section. Upon access, you will see the list of traits we analyze. If you want to view the technical report for each one, simply click on its name.

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