Genetic vulnerability to health conditions*

How can tellmeGen help me with a DNA test to improve my health?

Complex diseases are so named because they are conditioned by multiple genes, as well as environmental and social conditions. Although they can be considered DNA diseases, they are not only due to a specific mutation, but to several factors. Thanks to advances in the field of genetics, it is possible to predict your vulnerability to a certain disease based on your DNA.
The genetic test for vulnerability to health conditions evaluates the impact of genetics on certain complex conditions by comparing the analysis of your genes with those of thousands of individuals in our database, based on previous studies.
Although this factor is important, it is important to note that other factors, such as our lifestyle habits, also play a significant role in the development of such diseases. Therefore, a low genetic risk does not mean immunity, nor does a high risk guarantee that you will develop the disease.
With the tellmeGen disease gene study, you will have the opportunity to work with your healthcare professional to take measures to prevent its development in the future if possible.

Which kits include information on genetic vulnerability to health conditions?

These reports are exclusively included in the Advanced DNA kits.
With this service you will also have access to your DNA test results related to hereditary conditions, pharmacological compatibility, personal traits, wellness data, your ancestry and the possibility to access the DNA Connect service.

What conditions may be influenced by genetics?

All genetically based pathologies are influenced by genetics, to a greater or lesser degree. Even pathologies caused by external factors can be conditioned to the individual's genome.
The most common health conditions influenced by genetics are cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune conditions and various neurological disorders.

How long will it take to get the results of my genetic study of genetic vulnerability to health conditions?

The results of the analysis, including the genetic vulnerability test, take in normal conditions between 4 and 6 weeks maximum, depending on the workload during those dates.
Unfortunately, at present we cannot shorten these times or expedite the methodology without affecting the quality of the result, which is our highest priority.

I would like to know more about the genetic vulnerability to health conditions test report:

Here you can see a demo example of the results of the section. When you access, you will see the list of conditions that we analyze. If you wish to see the technical report of each one, simply click on its name.

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