How can tellmeGen help me improve my well-being?

Your health and well-being are linked to genetics. With the emergence of genetic specialties such as nutrigenetics, which studies the relationship between an individual's genes and their response to food, we can understand the relevance of nutritional genetic tests.
Similarly, genetic sports tests have emerged to understand the relationship between individuals' genomes and the effect of sports on the body.
In the DNA test results we offer both options. You will receive valuable information about the influence of genetics on different aspects such as wellness aspects such as wellness, nutrition, sport, physical characteristics, among others.
The information provided by the nutritional genetic test and the sports test is a good approach to understanding your body's metabolism with regard to vitamins or cholesterol, whether we have a natural sweet tooth, or if our muscles respond better to exercise. This data can help us determine if we need to modify our dietary habits and/or lifestyle.

Which ranges include wellness reports?

These reports are included in both the ADN Starter and Advanced kits.
If you purchase the Starter genetic analysis you will also discover information about your ancestry, a wealth of data related to your genetic personality traits and the possibility to access the DNA Connect service.
On the other hand, if you opt for the Advanced genetic analysis, you will also have access to your genetic vulnerability to health conditions, hereditary conditions, compatibility with dozens of medications and the possibility of accessing the DNA Connect service.

I would like to know more about the wellness reports:

Here you can see a demo example of the results in the section. When you access it, you will see the list of traits we analyze. If you wish to view the technical report for each one, simply click on its name.

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