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Preference For Sweets

Sweet is one of the five basic flavors and one of the only ones that is universally accepted by all cultures and ethnicities as one of the pleasurable flavors. It is detected mainly in the taste buds on the tip of the tongue. Foods that have a high number of carbohydrates are perceived as sweet and artificial flavors that sweeten are called sweeteners. Sweet foods usually form part of the human diet as desert and breakfast foods.

The majority of our preferences for flavors is not biologically determined, but rather they are ead to sdifferences in how we perceive flavors associated with a type of experience. Although there are certain genetic factors that

It is more normal that the similarities in a preference for flavors reflect similar experiences with distinct types of flavors and foods. The configuration of flavor preference begins in the uterus and continues for the rest of our life.

Gene or region studied

  • SLC2A2
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