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Earwax type / Armpit odor

Earwax contributes to our ears remain clean of microorganisms. It traps dirt and bacteria and slowly moves it up and out of the ear canal. Earwax also contains at least 10 compounds that help prevent bacteria from growing inside the ear.

Wet earwax is dark-colored and sticky, while dry earwax is light-colored and flaky. Both types are equally good at keeping dirt and bacteria at bay, but the difference between the two is determined by some variants in certain genes

Dry earwax is found in 80-95% of people of East Asian descent but in less than 3% of people of European or African descent.

One of the genes that are involved in earwax type production, is also involved in sweat production and thus in body odor. The same genetic variant in the ABCC11 gene that determines the dry earwax type is also linked to lower levels of body odor.

Gene or region studied

  • ABCC11
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