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Nasion prominence

Some people have the nasion more prominent than others. The nasion is the deepest point of the nasal bridge; it is the point of intersection of the frontal bone and two nasal bones of the human cranium. Its manifestation on the visible surface of the face is a notoriously depressed area that lies between the eyes, just above the bridge of the nose.

Some people have this area more prominent (exit outward) than others, and it seems that this facial feature is associated with certain genetic factors.

The facial characteristic that we study in this item is part of the set of craniofacial characteristics that seem to be related to the presence of certain polymorphisms in certain genes that are involved in the ontogenetic development of the human being. Furthermore, it has been described that certain polymorphisms associated with certain craniofacial characteristics are also associated with malformations, syndromes and developmental disorders.

Gene or region studied

  • PAX3
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