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Permanent tooth eruption

Permanent tooth eruption is a process in which the permanent teeth replace the primary dentition. Dental lamina is a structure originated in the oral epithelium during the embryonic period and indicates the localization of the future dentition. Permanent tooth germs are observed during development between 10th and 13th weeks of gestation but it is not until childhood, between 6 and 13 years of age when permanent tooth replace the primary dentition.

The permanent teeth develop from an extension of the dental lamina, named successional lamina, and substitute the primary tooth. The posterior permanent molars are the only teeth that do not replace any primary teeth.

Dental maturity is the number of permanent teeth at a given age that can be influenced by several factors such as genetics, gender (permanent tooth eruption occurs earlier in girls than in boys), hormonal factors, nutrition, caries or trauma to the primary teeth and ethnicity.

Gene or region studied

  • LOC101928278
  • ADK
  • 12q14.3
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