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Your contribution helps us to improve

At tellmeGen we consider that keeping up to date is not an option, but an obligation. We follow all relevant genetic and scientific advances to keep our data up to date.

Your contribution by filling out surveys that you will find in your private area, along with your genetic information and that of many other people can make a difference in research.

Your privacy is important for us

At tellmeGen, as our headquarters and servers are based in Europe, we follow the European data protection law. This is one of the strictest laws in the world.

Thus, no data will be used without the express agreement from the user, and personal information may never be shared with third parties, only anonymous aggregated data.

Precision medicine, thanks to your support

Within different people, the diseases from which we suffer vary, as well as they way we metabolize different medications or our personal traits.

We are all uniques. Currently, we have tools which allow us to better know these characteristics and put them at the service of scientists and doctors in order to develop new drugs, therapies or medical recommendations.

In order to achieve this a large amount of data is needed, and because of it we count on your participation.

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