Non-syndromic mitochondrial hearing loss

Pathology that causes hearing loss due to the presence of pathogenic variants in certain genes of the mitochondrial DNA.

Hearing loss is a common pathology in which it is estimated that in 50% of cases it is due to genetics. It involves alterations in both nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA.

Nonsyndromic deafness is a partial or total loss of hearing that is not associated with other signs and symptoms. The causes are complex, and more than 90 genes have been identified as being involved. Depending on their genetic origin, there are several types, including mitochondrial deafness. The altered mitochondrial DNA is inherited from mothers to all children, not inherited from affected fathers.

One of the genes that is usually mutated in nonsyndromic mitochondrial deafness is 12S rRNA and the most frequently detected variant is m.1555A>G.


Hearing loss in both ears (bilateral) is usually severe-profound and is induced by treatment with aminoglycoside antibiotics and occurs within days to weeks after administration of the drug (including a single dose). These antibiotics include: gentamicin, tobramycin, amikacin, kanamycin or streptomycin.

Cases have been described of individuals who are carriers of pathogenic variants related to this type of deafness who may develop the pathology without having been exposed to aminoglycans, but the timing of onset and severity of the disease is highly variable, even among carrier members of the same family.

Disease management

Hearing aids and therapy with speech therapists (educational programs for the hearing impaired) and cochlear implantation may be used. Electric acoustic stimulation may be used in cases where hearing has not been completely lost.

Genes analyzed



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