Your results evolve

Information evolution

With tellmeGen, you are guaranteed regular updates of the information we provide at no extra cost. We are a company with our team of doctors, geneticists, and nutritionists, and one of our roles is to stay at the forefront of genetic research and develop new products as science advances. We also firmly believe that genetic information should be accessible to everyone, so we do not charge any extra fees beyond the price of each product.

Genetics is not a static science. Every week, new genes are discovered, new functions are described, and new mutations are detected. In a field where the word "new" is so prevalent, sticking with the old is a mistake. Therefore, whenever we have news about your results, we will let you know when you log in to the tellmeGen platform. This information is not limited to any specific area, from new functionalities in Ancestry to new drug options and interactions with the body, and new diseases added. If you don't remember having previously seen that pathology, you're probably right; we've added it.

Occasionally, due to changes in the articles and studies we use as references, there are items that we need to modify or, in rare circumstances, remove. Although we would prefer to avoid this, and we understand the inconvenience it causes for the user, we prioritize modifying or removing items and results that we cannot guarantee to be 100% accurate. We prioritize quality over quantity.

Not only is your analysis constantly growing, but we also add complementary content to our blog and social media platforms to help you better understand the knowledge we provide. Our website is periodically updated to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Our goal is clear: to offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date personal genetics service. And even if there are other difficulties, don't worry; our team of doctors, geneticists, and nutritionists is always available to answer your questions and provide support.

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