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Technology: Illumina Global Screening Array

At tellmeGen, we use the latest Illumina Microarray technology, which allows us to obtain information from more than 750,000 SNPs. We perform the customization of said Array, with more than 10,000 SNPs for research, and to increase the specificity and usefulness in clinical practice and on Ancestry. Also, we duplicate the probes interpreted to increase the reliability of the information provided to the highest standards of quality and reproducibility in the industry.

1) Wide applications in research and clinical practice

The content has been selected for high imputation accuracy specifically for allele frequencies above 1%. All 26 populations of the 1000 Genomes Project have been considered. The balance between health markers and Ancestry is evident in that, variants with established associations with diseases, and relevance in pharmacogenomics have been included.

The content has been selected from reference databases such as ClinVar, National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), PharmGKB, Exome Aggregation Consortium (ExAc database), etc. The built-in quality control markers allow the identification of samples for genomic applications and large-scale screening, which is very useful for companies such as tellmeGen.

2) Global content

It includes a multiethnic spine of the entire genome, with the design of clinical research variants, quality control (QC) markers and the flexibility to add content.

3) High-performance workflow

Supports high throughput processing of thousands of samples per week for population-scale studies. At tellmeGen we apply the combination of genetic knowledge and computational power to significantly increase the number of variants analyzable with a DNA chip to tens of millions. This imputation analysis allows us to be able to study variants that have been associated with diseases and that were not present in the initial 750,000 variants. This achieves our goal of estimating the genetic risk of each individual more accurately than ever before.

4) Robust, high-quality test

Use reliable Infinium technology to deliver reproducibility> 99.9%


Our reference laboratory is Eurofins Genomics Denmark, the only laboratory in Europe capable of processing the high number of samples that we receive and process on a monthly basis.

It is a reference laboratory in Europe with the following certifications:

ISO 17025: Accredited analytical excellence

ISO 13485: Oligonucleotides according to medical devices standard

GLP: The gold standard to conduct non-clinical safety studies

GCP: Pharmacogenomic services for clinical studies

cGMP: Products and testing according to pharma and biotech requirements

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