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private.home.section.comparation.complexDiseases 5 reports*5 reports*More than 50 reports
private.home.section.comparation.pharmaCompatibility 5 reports*5 reports*More than 170 reports
private.home.section.comparation.monogenicDiseases 5 reports*5 reports*More than 90 reports
private.home.section.comparation.traits 5 reports*More than 50 reportsMore than 50 reports
private.home.section.comparation.wellness 5 reports*More than 30 reportsMore than 30 reports
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What is my Raw DNA Data and what is it for?

The information analyzed in a DNA test contains part of the instructions that describe us, including our physical traits, predisposition to diseases or genetic origins. These instructions are encoded, through a process known as genotyping analysis, in a file called genetic Raw Data, which belongs to each person who takes a DNA test. They are called raw data because they include data that we process later in order to interpret them and convert them into useful information.

We say that they are raw data files because they include data that need to be processed in order to be interpreted and converted into useful information.

At tellmeGen™ we analyze your Raw DNA Data in three ways

We offer you the possibility to upload to our platform your genetic Raw Data from other companies such as 23andme, Ancestry, MyHeritage and many more. At tellmeGen™ we can analyze your Raw DNA Data regardless of its origin, as long as it is encoded in the strand ( + ) of the GRCh37 reference genome, its call rate is > 0.95 and its format corresponds to that of an unmodified chip array. This way, you will have access to all the information provided by tellmeGen™ that can be estimated from your genetic information.

Raw Data


Raw Data


Raw Data


How do I get the DNA test based on my Raw Data?

The process is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Select, in the table above, which plan you want to get.
  2. If you have chosen a paid plan, follow the purchase instructions and then upload the file. If you have chosen the FREE plan, simply upload the file. Please pay attention to the file types allowed in our platform.
  3. Complete the questionnaire and finish the registration process in our platform.

From this point on, you will receive e-mails informing you about:

  • The correct completion of the purchase process, in case you have chosen a payment plan.
  • The viability of the uploaded file (if we have received it correctly or if there are any modifications to be made) and a summary of the chosen plan.
  • The availability of your results in your private area.

Why upload my Raw Data to tellmeGen™?

In the tellmeGen™ analysis we use techniques that combine genetics with new computational technologies. This allows us to increase the number of genetic markers analyzed from ≈ 750,000 to tens of millions of informative genetic variants through a process called imputation. With the application of this powerful methodology we are able to give you results with a much higher accuracy than you would get by analyzing only the variants of a DNA chip array, at a reduced price.

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Genetic predisposition to diseases

Complex diseases are caused by a combination of genetic factors, environmental factors and each individual’s lifestyle. At tellmeGen™ we work to understand and analyze these genetic factors. With the tellmeGen™ health report you will receive information about your genetic risk of developing more than 50 complex diseases.

Genetic predisposition to diseases

Pharmacological compatibilities

Different modifications in our DNA result in different ways in which our body metabolizes drugs. Find out which of these modifications you have and how your body reacts to hundreds of different drugs through our analysis.


Inherited monogenic diseases

Some diseases, known as monogenic, are caused by the presence of only one or a group of genetic variants. With our test you will get reports on dozens of diseases in which we will detail whether you are a carrier of any of these genetic markers and what implications this could have for your health.

Inherited diseases

Complex personal traits

Although our lifestyle largely determines our physical and personal traits, the genetic component plays an important and fundamental role in the development of these traits. At tellmeGen™ we analyze this genetic component to be able to inform you about your genetic probability of presenting more than 30 personal traits.

Personal traits


Different studies have shown that genetics have a strong relationship with personal well-being, both physical and mental. Genetics regulate everything from cholesterol and vitamin levels to predisposition to injury and muscle performance or tendencies to consume alcohol, caffeine or excessive food. With our Wellnes analysis you will have access to dozens of reports on nutrition and physical exercise.



Depending on the chosen plan, you will access different information about your ancestral origins. We include your genetic population origin, data about your paternal and maternal lineage and which percentage of DNA you share with the Neanderthal.

Ancestry DNA test

DNA Connect

By uploading your Raw Data you will have the possibility of finding relatives with whom you share DNA in our database, as well as connecting with them. This service is fully available on the three plans.

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Service limitations

The report on monogenic and pharmacogenetic variants will only include those variants contained in your raw genotyping data. The following will not be analyzed:
  • Those genetic variants not analyzed by your company of origin and not included in your Raw DNA Data.
  • Those variants whose coding is not the one reported in the dbSNP database.
  • Those variants not encoded in the "positive" strand of the reference genome GRCh37/hg19, which tellmeGen uses as a reference for its estimates.
  1. Since we do not generate the genotyping files ourselves, we cannot rule out the presence of inaccurate genotypes that may report false positives or false negatives in your results. Therefore, tellmeGen is not responsible for possible errors contained in the raw data from third parties.
  2. The ability to provide maternal haplogroup results will be conditional on the presence of the mitochondrial chromosome in the Raw Data provided, as well as its call rate and quality.
  3. The ability to provide paternal haplogroup results will be contingent upon the presence of the Y chromosome in the Raw Data provided, as well as its call rate and quality. It should be noted that this result will only be available for male users, due to the absence of this chromosome in females.
  4. A technique called imputation is used to estimate the results of complex diseases, traits and wellness. This technique is a statistical analysis that allows us to statistically infer variants that are in a reference database and analyze them as if they were included in the genotyping chip. This allows us to drastically increase the number of variants that it is possible to analyze and thus improve the accuracy of the results. The quality of this process and the results obtained will be conditional on the quality of the chip provided by each user as Raw Data.

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