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In tellmeGen, we perform millions of calculations to estimate the risk of developing a certain complex or polygenic disease (myocardial infarction, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s...).

For this, we consider the age, sex, race, location, population and subpopulation and Odds Ratio of publications (GWAs) Through complex equations, we can estimate the risk of developing a disease. Evolving this, for example, as our age progresses.

This information provided is not a diagnosis, but a probability.

Since in the development of these complex diseases, there is a genetic part that we measure, and by mathematical models, we estimate the environmental component.

Therefore, it allows us to know how many times more or less risk you have of developing a disease concerning the same person of the same sex, age, location, population, and subpopulation.

This information, for example, is relevant for differential diagnosis or prevention.

But not only in the section of complex and polygenic diseases, but also for example in pharmacogenetics. To be able to estimate the correct dose, the alleles are taken into account to estimate a correct or non-metabolization of a drug.

In addition, we will launch in the future, the possibility of connecting relatives within the platform.

In short, extensive data and digital biology available to the user with a simple click.

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